What is this Stream?

A 24/7 automated smash arena community. Whether you are here just for practice, chat, or to work on your competitive smash game. All are welcome!

We also have a leader board where players compete for a cut of the season prize pool. Last season’s prize pools payed out over 500$ to the top players! Just by playing you are added to the League!

What are season points or how do I gain season points (SP+)?

SP+ is what we base the season leader board on and it is the most important stat. SP+ can be earned each time you play a game. Each stock you take gets you SP from that game.

Only your top 60 games each week will count towards your season total. Wins and losses both have SP values. Weekly SP+ “Lock-in” happens every Saturday night.

Please read till the end for suggestions on how to get the most out of this system and a full list of rules.

Each game will show the following in chat:

* If the match is valid for your “Weekly Top 60 games” a word showing how valuable that match will be shown. a “-” means the match was not valuable enough to be in your top 60

How do I check my stats and read what it gives me?

Typing !stats in-game name in Twitch chat.

You can also check out your stats in greater detail by joining/using the Discord. Using the discord stats is recommend as it will show your current top 60 games, making it clear what games you should aim to replace.

Chat stat look ups give the following info.

What are all these numbers on screen?

Those are network stats. The bots can monitor the game/network traffic and will take action if they detected some one lagging. A few “F’s” over the course of a game is acceptable, but multiple flags in quick succession is always bad.
Please keep in mind the P, or Ping, is a players ping to ME. This is only for diagnostics when flags are not catching it. Knowing the ping between the players would be better but, we can’t measure that easily.

How do I get the most out of this system?

Think about optimizing your game values and force out low SP games. Use the Discord stat bot to see what games you can easily replace. Think of each game like a card in a deck and your goal is to build the best deck you can with 60 cards.

High SP+ value games can be earned in the following ways:
– Winning while on a streak.
– Fighting people with equal or higher rating.
– Playing bonus characters.

If you are content with your current 60 games for the week or want to go on the “Defensive” some ways to do this are:
– Stop others streaks, and stop them early
– Play your lower rated Characters
– Knock other high rated players out of rings

For those at the top of the leader board don’t be afraid to look up other’s stats in the discord. Knowing how much your competition is scheduled to make gives you a metric for how hard you need to push your own games.

Players who start in weeks 2-3 do get a boost to SP gain. This boost fades quickly.

Arena League Rules.

  • Try to win when you’re in the game!
  • Only your your Top 60 most valuable games from each week will count.
  • Weekly game resets and “SP+ Lock-ins” happen every Saturday night.
  • If the Streak is above 25+, the bot removes players who lose to the streak holder. Rejoining is allowed but, please be considerate if others are wanting a chance.
  • If you are disconnected from the arena the streak is reset. (This is to curtail purposeful disconnects, streak loss due to bot malfunction may be reset).
  • Bots will Auto-save streaks when an arena crashes, an opponent rage quits or you beat the same player back to back 3 times.
  • Voluntarily stepping out of the line and allowing another match to start will end any unsaved streak.
  • Do not block other league members just to avoid them in my arenas.
  • Do not impersonate other players or use name changes maliciously .
  • Do not use the spectator stands.
  • Don’t force close or rage quit out of the game before the match has returned to the lobby.
  • If you are on a streak and the arena has been empty for awhile, ping a mod in chat or discord and we can move the streak to another arena.