Arena League Rules.

  • Try to win when you’re in the game!
  • If the Streak is above 25+, the bot removes players who lose to the streak holder. Rejoining is allowed but, please be considerate if others are wanting a chance.
  • If you are disconnected from the arena the streak is reset. (This is to curtail purposeful disconnects, streak loss do to bot malfunction may be reset).
  • If you are consistently laggy, please reboot your modem/network and come back and try again.
  • Streak holder cannot change characters.
  • Doubles winners from the previous week cannot team the following week.
  • Do not block other league members just to avoid them in my arenas.
  • Do not impersonate other players.
  • DO NOT use the spectator stands.
  • Don’t force close or rage quit out of the game before the match has returned to the lobby.
  • Good luck and have fun!


What is this Stream?

A 24/7 automated smash arena community. Whether you are here just for practice, chat, or to work on your competitive smash game. All are welcome!

We also have a leader board where players compete for a cut of the season prize pool. Last season’s prize pool payed out over 750$ to the top players! Just by playing you are added to the League!

What are season points or how do I gain season points (SP+)?

SP+ is what we base the season leader board on and is the most important stat. SP+ is earned each time you get a win. The amount of SP+ gained is calculated by comparing your rating to the rating of the player you defeated, then multiplied by the streak modifier.

Bonus SP+ can be gained by beating members of the top 10, or by ending another players streak!

Why do I only see 3 Arenas on screen but 5 are listed?

The bot will change the positions of the arenas on screen to show the top 3 streaks, the top screen being the highest streak. This lets us keep screen space for Mabel and On-Screen chat.

How do I check my stats or what commands can I use?

By typing !stats playername the chat. A small command list can be found HERE.

Sablebot keeps saying my game was invalid, why?

If the loser of the last game is detected in the current game it will not be valid. This prevents people getting points from the same person back to back.

What are Bells? What are they for?

Fun! They are the currency we use for the betting mini game. They are gained over time or by betting.

Something went wrong with Sablebot! What do I do? (i.e gave me incorrect points or the arena isn’t running right)

Don’t worry and keep playing. Stat adjustments, like most issues, only take a moment to fix! Ping me or a moderator in the Nerf_0 Discord. The Channel #arena-updates is the best channel to report bot slip ups.

Join the Discord here. https://discord.gg/H2FPJae

My Match is Very Laggy! Can you help?

Freezing and stuttering:
Yes! Sablebot monitors the network traffic to each switch! If it detects one player is dropping too many packets it will automatically remove them!

Input Delay:
Maybe, that is a hard one, input delay can be caused by location and it not quite fair to punish a person just because they live far away from you. If its ruining the experience for the majority of players we will intervene.

If the majority of the games you play are laggy its you. Some times all you need is to reboot your modem/router.